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Staffing and Employment Services

                    for Physicians, Clinics, and Hospitals



Our experienced and certified healthcare staff is available to meet your staffing needs from front office administration and billing to clinical assistant and phlebotomy. Do not hesitate to contact us day or night for temporary, part-time, emergency, or full-time staff placement. Professional and reliable help is just minutes away.


Employee Training
Did you hire a new employee who does not have formal medical training? Doctor's Help can help your staff with hands-on, structured workshop training in medical administration, medical terms, billing, HIPAA, EKG, vital signs, lab procedures, medications, phlebotomy, OSHA, CPR, first aid, electronic health records, and more. Customized training that will not interfere with work schedules is available to help new and seasoned employees.

Medical Billing
Need help with processing your claims? We are here to take the stress out of receiving payments from insurance companies and patients. Your staff will have the freedom to focus on patient care while we process electronic claims for you. Our staff at Doctor's Help knows the latest versions of CPT and ICD-9 coding and is accustomed to working with private and government insurance agencies. Let us help you get paid for the much needed services that you provide.

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