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Thank you for joining the mailing list. Below are a few healthcare services that we will keep you updated for:

  1.  Healthcare workers if you do not have the national certification do not delay.  Employers will pay more when you have the certification from a national certifying agency.  We are partners with the (NAAHP) National Association of Allied Healthcare Professionals for:  Medical Billing, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, and Medical Administration certifications.  Get your now!    We also provide certification prep if you need those services.


  1. If you need to update your skills as employers may require, we can assist you with hands on training workshops on Saturdays for your convenience.  The February 2023 upcoming schedule is for Phlebotomy and Medical Assistant Cert. Prep.  The workshops are six weeks every Saturday including testing.  Register now if interested, we only accept ten people. Certificate upon completion   


  1. If you have a certificate in phlebotomy or want to keep updated on the latest lab practice and networking with other phlebotomist Join the Phlebotomy Club!  Joining is free!  Stay connected and continue to practice blood draw lab sessions while you are waiting for your next job in phlebotomy, 


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