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Why should you train with us?


Doctor’s Help is the number one provider of healthcare training workshops.  Participants come independently to enhance and develop new skills and they come from such facilities as, Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Providence Hospital, National Institute of Health, John Hopkins, Mercy, Alexandria Hospital,  Inova Fairfax Hospital, Richmond Medical Center, St Mary’s Hospital, Southern Maryland Hospital,  Anne Arundel Medical Center,  Holy Cross Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Providence Hospital, Sibley Memorial, Children’s National Medical Center, Medical Research Centers, Doctor’s Offices, Clinics, Nursing Homes, and Agencies to name a few.


Many healthcare facilities and individuals alike depend on us to provide high quality real world training and get it right the first time!  We will do our part.  We are here for you.


Participants who attend our training:


Our attendants come from a broad background range to include, persons who are new to healthcare and seasoned individuals such as:   Nurses – CNAs, LPNs, RNs, Medical Assistants, Medical Administrators, Patient Care Technicians, Dental Assistants, Medical Billers, Respiratory Therapists,  Dialysis Technician,  Physicians,  Researchers, Paramedics, Surgical Technicians,  Medical Receptionists, Hospital Unit Clerks, Phlebotomists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, and Pre-Med Students to name a few.


Healthcare is what we do:


Healthcare is what we do every day!  It is not what we read from a book!  Doctor’s Help is a medical corporation that provides medical staffing, paramedical exams, training, health fairs, specimen collections, medical billing services, and healthcare management and consulting. 


When you train with us you will experience real world hands-on training from industry professionals who love working with patients and enjoy being a part of the healthcare team just like you do.  Our training environment also provides you with an opportunity to network with other attendees who work in the healthcare industry. 



Doctor's Help offers a variety of customized training workshops to employees, agencies, medical facilities, dental facilities, and new staff who desire to gain hands-on training. A certificate will be issued at the end of each workshop to individuals who pass the evaluation assessment. The workshop training fees are affordable and payment plans are available.


Employers customized training workshops. Employers wishing to send their employees to Doctor's Help for employer-paid training should contact Doctor's Help for specifics on customized training. 


Individual Allied Healthcare Professionals - continuing education workshops. Enrollees must provide verifiable credentials or documentation of either prior educational or experience in a relevant allied healthcare field.  Any such information must be produced during the registration process.


A Certificate will be issued at the end of each workshop to individuals who pass the evaluation assessment. The workshop training fees are affordalble and payment plans are available.


Workshop Schedule:  Tues or Thurs, from 6:30PM to 9:00PM, or Sat 10:00AM to 12:30PM based on availability and the schedule may change with notice.  Customized schedules are available at your site for healthcare facilities. 

Medical Administration
• Medical Office Procedures 
• Common Abbreviations
• Personal Qualities
• Professional Skills
• Healthcare Work Teams
• Medical Law And Ethics
• Confidentiality
• Working Within A Diverse Community
   of Patients
• Interpersonal And Human Relations
• Patient Reception And Registration
• Health Information Systems 
• Telephone Protocol
• Scheduling Appointments
• Medical History Information Gathering 
• Medical Assessment                                           

Medical Billing
• Health Insurance Coverage
• Source Documents and The Insurance Claim Cycle
• Claim Form Completion and Submission
• Fees, Private Insurance And Managed Care Insurance Programs

This workshop also reinforces understanding of the medical billing process using billing software to enter and edit patient information, CPT and ICD-9 codes, as well as provider information, case information, transactions. Also teaches students how to create and manage claims, and generate medical billing reports.


Medical Terms
• General medical terminology


Dental Administration
• Dental Office Procedures
• Patient Service
• Appointment Control
• Dental Records
• Billing And Collections
• Infection Control
• Patient Education
• Dental Anatomy
• Dental Terminology
• Dental Computer Software                                        


HIPAA Certification
The US Department of Health and Human Services requires all medical workforce to be trained in the HIPAA rule to include Protected Health Information and security, NPP, patient rights, policies and procedures, documentation, permitted uses and disclosures, complaints, sanctions, and security.

Performing an EKG, single and three channel systems, care during the procedure, correct electrical artifacts, and mounting an electrocardiography.

Vital Signs
The measurement of temperature, pulse, 
respiration, blood pressure, height, 
weight and general patient assessment.

Lab Procedures
General laboratory procedures and safety, quality control, specimen collection of waived laboratory testing for point of contact assessment.


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Understand and apply the process of electronic 
health records in a medical practice, create 
patient charts, and medical records, understand 
the difference between inpatient and out-patient 
EHR systems, record orders for tests and 
therapies, record prescriptions, and use patient 
management and record-keeping software Medcin.


General understanding of medication guidelines, oral and inhalation medications, topical medications, injectable medications. 

• Phlebotomy Practice Procedures
  and Quality Control
• Ethical and Legal Issues
• Safety and Infection Control
• Documentation
• Specimen Handling and Transportation
• Blood Collection Equipment
• Pre-Analytical Complications In Blood Collection
• Venipuncture Procedures
• Capillary Blood Specimens
• Pediatric and Geriatric Procedures

• Special Collections                                                

Hospital Unit Clerk Coordination
Understanding how to coordinate the activities of the nursing staff, doctors, hospital departments, patients, and visitors of the nursing unit, maintain patients chart, performing non clinical tasks for admission, discharge and transfer of a patient, prepare a patient's charts for surgery, and handling telephone communications for the nursing unit. 


OSHA regulations and standards, types of infections, prevention of disease transmission, asepsis, hand washing techniques, sanitization, sterilization, and
autoclave procedures.


CPR, First Aid, AED
Covers emergency care procedures, general life support, wound care, bandages, splints, diabetes care, controlling bleeding, seizure care, snake bite care, rescue breathing, chest compressions, abdominal thrust, and heart attach care, AED.

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